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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner for the classes?

No you don't, you can come along to our weekly classes alone, with family and or friends, we rotate partners every few minutes throughout classes so everyone dances with everyone.

Can children attend classes?

The minimum age to join in our evening classes is 16.  Children from the age of 14 are welcome to dance in our morning classes but must be accompanied by a responsible adult for the duration of the class.  We can provide private tuition to children under the age of 14.  

Can I take pictures and  videos in class?

Yes by all means please do, if you would like to practice something at home we will gladly repeat it for you to record. 

Do I have to dance with other people? I only want to dance with my partner!

Yes, you do need to swap partners in our classes.  You will find this is the case in most latin dance classes. There are very good reasons for this. Salsa is a social dance, swapping partners helps you become a better dancer, it helps you learn how to respond to different leads & follows. It would also be unfair to people who come without a partner. Lots of people feel nervous about dancing with new people but very quickly find they enjoy it and learn more quickly.  We offer private tuition if you really only want to dance with one person.  But we urge you to give social classes a try before you decide. 

Do the weekly classes stop for half term?

Only Wednesday mornings stop due to the studio closing half term, but all other classes continue through half term & the summer holidays. Only cancelling classes at Christmas but may still hold some depending on what days the dates fall on.

Do I need special dance shoes?

Dance shoes with suede soles are the best thing to dance in because they allow you to move and turn freely.....BUT you don't need them. During our evening classes you can wear any shoes you like. It is helpful to avoid shoes with rubber soles with lots of grip because they can hinder your turns. People often find it easier to dance in a heeled shoe and is what we recommend, that being said a flat shoe is fine if that is what you are most comfortable in. Some people like to start in flat shoes and progress to a heel when they feel ready. (In our morning classes, to protect the floor, the studios insist on dance shoes or shoes that are not worn outside)

Can I join a class anytime?

Yes,  our weekly classes are run on a drop-in pay as you go basis. No need to book just turn up and enjoy.

What if everyone else can already dance ?

Don't worry there are always different levels of abilities in class.  Everyone remembers how nervous they felt when they started.  Everyone will be patient and will be happy to help you. Come and say hello to us before class starts and let us know if you are a complete beginnner, we will explain everything in class and will be able to give you extra help if you want it.

What should I wear?

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in and allows you to move your arms and legs freely. It can get very warm in class during the milder months  so thin tops or layers you can remove is always a good idea. 

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