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Weekly Social Classes

Monday Evenings
Weston - Super -Mare

For All Healthy Living Centre

68 Lonsdale Ave, Weston-super-Mare BS23 3SJ

£8 per person


This has been a tricky one for us! We have listened to what you’ve said and know you are keen to get back to salsa properly. We hope you understand we feel it’s our duty, for the time being, to maintain some safety measures and also introduce another. This is to enable us all to dance safely as we reunite over the coming weeks.


        Safety Measures
1.    Classes still need to be booked in advanced
2.    You will need to carry out an LFD test before you              leave to come to class, and share a photograph of              your negative result or the email from NHS                            confirming the result with us on your arrival.                        (unfortunately you will not be able to join our class            if you cannot provide this)
3.    Please use the hand gel provided
4.    Please DO NOT come to class if you feel unwell, in            any way, not just covid relsted symptom if you have          been advised to Isolate OR know you have been in            close contact with someone with Covid -19

We understand that some of you may not feel comfortable dancing just yet and may wish to hold off for the time being, that is completely understandable and we support your decision, we are ultimately looking forward to seeing everyone on the dance floor again soon!

Monday Evenings

Wednesday Evenings
Coming back soon!



Warm Ups


Various Dates

A longer dance session which may focus more intensely on technique, on other styles of dance or even choreographed routines.  Work shops can be arranged for any level of dancing ability and private workshops will focus on areas of your choice.  


Workshops are a fantastic way  to improve  your dance steps and increase your confidence out on the floor.  They are always lots of fun!


Upcoming workshops will be posted on our home page and our Facebook page,  don't forget to 'like' and 'follow' us to get the latest news.  If you'd like to arrange a private workshop, get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange it.



Various Dates

We all need to let our hair down once in a while and what better way is there than dancing with friends and having a drink or two?

We host parties that are open to everyone, details of our events will be posted on the home page and our Facebook page, be sure to Like and Follow @SalsaVida.uk to make sure you don't miss an event.

We can also provide music and lessons for your guests at private parties and events so get in touch if a little Salsa sounds fun for your next celebration.

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